Titanium is a very strong but lightweight material, which is hypoallergenic, so will not affect the skin, in fact it is used in medical implants so is completely safe to wear. The colour will not tarnish or fade, but if it does go dull with wear (grease from the hands)  just wash in warm water with a mild detergent (washing up liquid) and it will bring back its lustre.  The attachments and chains are Sterling Silver.  In comparison with Titanium the range of colours achieved with Niobium is greater and brighter but the cost is higher. A few of the items I have made are Niobium, see individual specifications.

Titanium earrings

For pendants, Chains are sterling silver and you can chose either a 16 inch or 18 inch length on MOST pendants where they is not a fixed chain in the design. Individual pages specify.

Image of ball & Stud ear wire. Image of Fishhook earr wire

For Earrings the attachments and ear wires are Sterling Silver. On some deesigns two different types of ear wires are available, stud and fishhook, your choice.



Titanium pendants

Titanium & Niobium


Contemporary Jewellery in Silver, Gold and Titanium by Sylvia Tomkinson